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2016 Memberships will be due on January 1st, 2016

Please renew your membership for 2016.  Find a membership form in the form section, please print out a copy , fill in the correct and current information , including your e-mail address .You can either scan your application for membership  to our office and  pay your membership via PayPal or include payment with the mailed application to us. ………..Remember; active members have discounts on registration, transfer and many other programs.   

e-mail:           for questions please call:  office  417-233-1014 or after hours 417-466-3633

What is the AApA Open Show Point Program ?

The AApA  “Open Show Point”  (OSPP) program is a program which records ,maintains and publishes AApA Open Show Points earned by Open Show  exhibitors using AApA registered horses only, which   have been nominated for the program by their owners or lessee.     AApA “Open Show Points” are awarded in three  (3) divisions: halter; pleasure and performance,with recognition awarded on an annual basis indicating the level of success achieved in each division.      Only horses nominated  to the program on an annual basis are eligible  to receive permanent recordation of points earned to the horses  record.  The horse MUST be signed up for the yearly show season, before any points can be earned and recorded for the horse.

Why an “Open Show Point” program?

The AApA  “Open Show Point” program is intended to provide recognition of the successful efforts of those individuals who choose to utilize the talents of their AApA registered Appaloosa’s in open all breed shows.

The Association realizes that open, all breed competition is an excellent way to promote the Appaloosa’s versatility and overall athletic abilities to the non Appaloosa public.

If the Appaloosa industry is to receive the respect of  the light breed horse industry as a whole , such respect must be earned through consistent , sportsman like, competitive participation in all breed events.

Open show , all breed competition serves to broaden the base knowledge and understanding of the Appaloosa among those participating with animals of other breeds and also provides an opportunity  turn spectators interest into active participation.

The increased interest  in Appaloosa’s generated by Open Show competition will enhance the value of AApA registered Appaloosa’s and also provide  an opportunity for the Appaloosa horse……………., its owners and breeders to gain the respect and recognition they deserve, and give the breeders and owners of Appaloosa’s the means to develop a better and larger Appaloosa market.

Only  registered colored  AApA Appaloosa’s  are eligible  to be exhibited at such events. ” Solid colored Appaloosas” can not be shown as an  AApA representative of the Appaloosa breed.  

The solid Breeding Stock Appaloosa may be shown at the owners discretion at the open show but NOT as an Representative of the Appaloosa breed………… unless there are special designated Appaloosa Breeding Stock classes offered.

Pr0gram Requirements

1. All horses nominated to the program must be AApA registered with regular or show status eligibility . “Breeding Stock only ” horses are NOT eligibale to participate in this program.

2. Eligibale horses are nominated by submitting a program nomination application to the AApA Show Dept.  along with a copy of the horses registration certificate  ( Front and Back) and the required annual nomination fee $40.-  for each horse entered.  there are no additional AApA  fees required , regardless of the number of open , all breed shows in which a nominated horse participates.

3. Nominated horses may compete for AApA “Open Show Points in any open , all breed show, which is at least  locally advertised, offers a minimum of ten (10)  classes per show and has a minimum of twenty five (25) entries.

4. To have earned points recorded, the  horse owner or lessee of a nominated horse MUST submit an “Open Show Point ” Exhibitors report to the AApA show Dept.  Such report must be received within twenty (20) days of the date of reported Show and must be on  an AApA  form,as supplied by the AApA  Show department.   The exhibitors form must be filled in by the exhibitor , all required fields must be  entered.

“Open Show Exhibitors Report”  requires the following:

Name,date and location of the reported show

Name of Show Manager or Secretary and phone #

Name of Show Judge(s)

Number of classes offered

Total number f Entries

A list of the classes entered by the reporting exhibitor, the exhibitor ‘s placings each class, and the total number of entries in each class.

Report is to be accompanied by a “Printed Show bill, advertising the reported show to the public.  (Must have )!!

(showing all pages of the show bill , front and back and all inside pages.)

The signed report will require the signatures of the following:

1. The exhibitor/owner of the horse. (dated)

2. The Show manager/Secretary          (dated)

3. or the Show judge                                  (dated)

please have the show secretary check your entries for correctness…………

AApA “Open Show” Point Schedule

Points shall be earned based on the number of  Horses shown and judged in each class:

Place                  1st         2nd       3rd          4th      5th       6th   

(horses judged)

3    –   5                   1

6    –   9                    2              1

10 –  15                   3              2             1  

16  – 22                  4              3             2            1

23 – 30                  5              4             3            2         1

31 –  up                  6               5            4            3         2              1


No Points will be awarded in classes of less than three (3)entries

Five (5) versatility points will be awarded per show to each Appaloosa that has completed in all three divisions (Halter, Pleasure, Performance) and has placed in at least 1 class per division in 1st to 3rd  place. (must have placed in all three divisions.

This program is conducted on a “Honorary Basis” , should any fraud be discovered , the Exhibitor will face disciplinary action by he Board of Directors of the AApA,  and membership will be revoked,  suspended or denied. All earned show points for ALL show seasons will be declared void and null and the exhibitor /or owner’ s will lose their rights to participate in the AApA Open Show Program.

Suspension and cancellations will be published to the membership in our Spotted Review..


Halter:                          Halter, Showmanship, Model, Fit and Show

Pleasure:                    includes all types of pleasure, English, Western, Bareback, Lead line, Walk and Trot, Ride a Buck and all                                                                 customized Pleasure classes, Go as You Please (GAYP)

Performance:        includes all gymkhana classes, trail, reining, jumping, road hack, horsemanship, comment English Equitation,                                                    western riding, hunter, under saddle, and all classes requiring special performance, including all cattle classes                                                    without  any obstacles present, lunge line, driving…………..


Year End Awards will be awarded as shown

Halter:                        High Point Halter

Reserve High Point Halter

Pleasure:                  High Point Pleasure

Reserve High Point Pleasure

Performance:        High Point Performance

Reserve High Pint Performance

All points start counting for High Point year end after you have shown at least in 5  (five) shows…………less than 5 shows , no High point  year end .

AApA  All Around Champion” for the current year.

The AApA All Around Champion of the year will go to the Appaloosa which has participated and placed at least 1st  to 5th place in all three (3) Divisions and has accumulated  the highest set of points during the show season.    There will be NO Reserve  Horse.

(The AApA, not and cannot be held responsible for any unlawful action or damages to the premises, and or beast of the show by horse and/or rider.)

AApA Youth Program

The Association realizes its obligation to provide a program whereby interested youth might develop a genuine understanding of and an appreciation of the Appaloosa horse.

The AApA Youth  program has been developed with the objective of recognizing the accomplishments  of young people as they grow through their efforts  with and on behalf of….The Appaloosa

Youth ( under the  age of 18) that wish to enter the “Open Show  Point ” program and want to ride for year end points, must be an AApA member and ride an AApA colored , registered Appaloosa.  (No breeding stock or Stallion s are allowed)

Points will count only toward the Youth ,not the horse. Nominations for a youth to participate in the program is $25.- annually. The Youth must also be an AApA member  ( the Youth can also be a member of a family membership or obtain its own for $20,- annually

All rules and requirements  of the Open Show  Point  Program  also apply to the youth program .

Youth Must provide parents or guardians written permission on the application for the “Open Show Point Program to participate.

(The AApA, Inc will not be responsible for any accident or injury to man or beast , the responsibility rests  entirely on the parents )


Year end Points will be awarded as follows:

High Point Youth                        12 and under

Reserve high Point                      12 and under

High Point Youth                         13 through 18

Reserve High Point                      13 through 18


How can you become a participant in the OSPP   AApA OPen Show Point Program?

find your OSPP application on our Forms page , print it out and complete  and return to our Show dept with the required  fee, each horse to participate,  needs its own entry application.

By providing local, open show management with information regarding this program, you should have no difficulty  in receiving their co-operation concerning the requirements of this program…….


The AApA “Open Show Point ” program is designed to give you, the exhibitor ,and your horse, the Appaloosa, the recognition you both deserve……………………

AApA registered horses are accepted for show and competition at:  (will follow shortly)