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                                                                                                       (Registration Guide)

Please read and follow all instructions fully.

Applications, which are not properly completed and accompanied by ALL required items, will not be processed until all errors and / or omissions are corrected   by the applicant.

Horses which are not eligible for registration at time of application, based upon pedigree may be considered for Hardship registration, providing they possess:

A.   a contrasting coat pattern easily identified as Appaloosa…

B.    MUST  have two (2) of the following three (3) Appaloosa characteristics:

mottled skin, white sclera in the eyes and / or vertically striped hooves.

Horses WITHOUT a contrasting coat pattern and not easily identified as an Appaloosa, are not eligible for Hardship registration .

NO SOLID colored horse will be registered under the Hardship clause.

All Appaloosas registered under the Hardship clause ,will be issued a registration number proceeded by the letter “H”.   [ H (a) class A,   or H (b) class B,]

All Horses applied for Hardship class A and Class B registration MUST also have a DNA test at time of registration…(except geldings or spayed mares………( but the horse owner has the option to have them tested ).

HArdship registrations will be divided into two (2) classification:        Class A  and Class B

Class A:   Horses with one (1) parent known and registered with a recognized Appaloosa registry (AApA, ApHC, ApHCC, CRHA.)   The known parent MUST be documented (copy of Registration certificate (front and back) DNA  # and current owner,  to be recognized as such.  Other parent can be unregistered  but must be of Appaloosa color and breeding ,  all info available should be included.(Picture included if  available) . 

the resulting foal of the class A registered Appaloosa , if bred to a four ( 4) generations  clean Appaloosa to Appaloosa  (proven only), and no other breed of horse is shown in its pedigree 4 genertions…….can apply for the foals registration into the regular Registry (with inspection only)

All Hardship class A fees do apply for the above. ^

Class B:      Horses with both, their Sire and Dam either Unknown or not registered with a recognized Appaloosa registry , (no paint/pinto, gaited, draft or pony accepted)  Must be of Appaloosa color to qualify for registration !

AQHA, JC, AIHR, colored out cross Appaloosas  with or without  pedigree and proof, can only enter this registry classification  through class B Hardship.   Registration # will also be proceeded by a H

All class B registration Fees do apply, ^

Please call our office before filling out your registration application, we would like to talk with you  in hope to find more information on your horse, ….417-466-3633  thank you 














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